Green Bridge Networks LLP

Wholesale And Retail VOIP Call Termination

GreenBridgeNet offers competitive, affordable, high quality voice termination around the world. We have different rages of voice quality that will suite your needs.


The best quality and consistency that suits retail / subscriber based customer targeting for perfection, 100% CLI, Long ACD, Short PDD, DTMF assured.


Direct termination with premium quality. Best for customer targeting calling card and retail call shop business. Long ACD, short PDD, DTMF supported.


Lowest tariff and acceptable voice quality for customer targeting budget call services and promotional strategies.

About Us

Green Bridge Networks: to bridge the boundaries

Green Bridge Networks LLP is registered and operate in Singapore. We offer some of the competitive and affordable rates in the industry. Through its collaboration with multiple carriers, we provide the high quality termination services on the VOIP market today. Our Services are offered to other VOIP service providers, carriers, ISPs and small enterprises. Green Bridge Networks LLP ONLY operates in Singapore, and using the .com domain. Any other entity registered with similar company name but different domain (.CN, .ASIA, .ORG, .NET, .COM.CN, .NET.CN, .ORG.CN) has no relationship and not related to us. We will not hold any business / social responsible for any comments / announcements issued other than We do not have any affiliates / partners / business partners operate with similar company and domain names.

  • Quick turn-around for interconnecting. We want to let you test and utilize the networks as soon as possible.

  • Public & Private IP Circuits – via SIP or H.323 and Secure VPN tunnel.

  • Our payment plan is more convenient than those of larger companies.

  • Our network capacity allows us to carry 5000 simultaneous calls during peak load periods.